Are you looking for wedding venues in Rustenburg area? Moriti Stretch Tents Wedding_Venues_1 is your one-stop shop to create your own wedding venues in the Rustenburg area. Moriti Stretch Tents supply the best quality stretch tents and accessories to create your own wedding venues in the Rustenburg area and the entire North West.


Our stretch tents, interlocking flooring, dancefloors and fairy lights will create a magical atmosphere and a dream wedding venue! Moriti Stretch Tents will have the perfect stretch tent for your wedding, whether it’s in the bush, on a lawn or even suspended between buildings, our stretch tents are adaptable to any environment.  Our all-weather stretch tents can also Wedding_Venues_2 handle all weather conditions and are 100% waterproof.  Our stretch tents come in a wide range of colours and sizes and we will have the right tent to make your wedding a truly memorable occasion.  Moriti Stretch Tents’ modular system  allows that more than one stretch tent can be linked to provide the cover needed.


For a quick calculation to determine the size of your stretch tent for hire, please make use of our Stretch Tent Size Calculator. The Stretch Tent size Calculator is a guideline only and do not provide space needed for a dance floor inside the tent nor any other areas like bar or buffet stations. Please add any additional covered areas inside the stretch tent to the enquiry when requesting Wedding_Venues_3 a quotation for a stretch tent.


For your next big event rather use a stretch tent than the old fashion marquee tents or even the old peg and pole tents. Stretch Tents are much more stylish and elegant than the old formal  marquee tents. A recent addition to our stretch tents, are fairy lights. At night the fairy lights enhance the beauty and elegance of the stretch tents, and help to create a magical atmosphere! Are you looking for a wedding venue in Rustenburg area?  Moriti Stretch Tents will make it happen!                                                                                                                 






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