Stretch Tents – Stretch Tents for Hire by Moriti Stretch Tents – Stretch Tents – Stretch Tents for Hire by Moriti Stretch Tents. Stretch Tents are the solution for your next outdoor function. Stretch Tents – Stretch Tents for Hire by Moriti Stretch Tents. Hire our Stretch tents! Our stretch tents can easily adapt to your requirements. We use only the best quality material to manufacture our stretch tents. stretch-tents-for-hire-gauteng We specialize in the hiring of stretch tents. The Stretch Tents are fully weather proof and can be used to create anything form a simple rain cover to complex multi zoned structures.

Stretch Tents

Stretch tents are also referred to as free form tents, Bedouin tents, free style tents, nomadik® tents, Aladdin tents to name a few names that these elegant tents are called. Moriti's Stretch tents are available in stretch-tents-for-hire different colours and sizes, and will transform any function and venue into a spectacular and most memorable occasion!  Stylish and secure bedouin tent installations from buildings, un-even or awkward shaped terrains is possible where conventional marquee tents and peg and pole tents can't provide the required cover. Stretch tents installed freestanding will create a new venue where there was none before!  We have been part of the development and evolution of the stretch tent industry from the beginning and therefore Moriti Stretch Tent's very experienced staff will ensure stretch tent installations of the highest quality. With over 10 years’ experience of this magnificent stretch tent product we can offer good accurate information regarding Stretch Tents. Our free form stretch tents resemble the tents used by the nomadic and Bedouin tribes in North Africa and desert dwelling nomadic people from Arabia.

Stretch tents

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Stretch Tents (also known as tension tent or flex tent) are a recent development of pole marquees. Originating out of the outdoor trance dance music scene in South Africa from the late 1990s onwards. Stretch Tents are now available in Europe and Australasia. In the United Kingdom they are becoming a popular site at outdoor music festivals such as Glastonbury Festival and Glade Festival as well as for private and corporate events.


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